How Should Someone Compare Massage Chairs?

When a massage therapist or professional needs to buy new furnishing for their work, then it comes time to contrast the possibilities before making a final determination. While massage tables and beds have their own considerations, it is different than when someone would compare massage chairs, which have their own factors and criteria that must be considered.

The first practical decision that someone must make when they compare massage chairs is their budget and how much they can spend. Many massage chairs are economic and affordable, but someone looking to get something premium that lasts might be willing to spend more than that. However, what price points are investments and which ones are overkill? How long the chair will last is one thing to try and figure out.

A second decision that has to be made is whether or not the chair needs to be portable. If a chair is going to go into a therapeutic center, permanent locker room, or spa setting, then a robust chair of heft and robust manufacture might be a good choice. Something that is going to get lugged around and taken from site to site, such as client homes or even company events, is something that needs to be lighter and smaller, as well as possibly foldable and stowable.

The third consideration is the physical dimensions of the potential chairs. Will a permanent chair fit in the designated floor space? Will a portable chair fit in the cargo area of the therapist’s vehicle?

Weight of the chair is a fourth factor, if it is portable, as the therapist will need to be able to carry it back and forth. The weight capacity any chair, portable or permanent, is always a consideration.

The fifth and final factor is how comfortable clients are in the chair, as they need to relax for massage therapy to work.