If you are looking to purchase the flex belt, then the first step is to get on line and search for flex belt reviews. You will find a number of forums and even pages from reputed websites like amazon.com where people have shared their experience of using the flex belt. Some of these reviews are very in-depth and go in details about the pros and cons of using the flex belt.

One thing is common for all the reviews that we have seen is that most are positive barring the other ones which complained about the shipping from the various vendors and poor product handling.

The technology behind the flex belt is called electric muscle stimulation and it has been cleared by FDA to be used in products which incorporate this technology to produce the desired weight loss results. The flex belt offers up to 150 electric stimulation per minute and this is what makes this ab toner special. The belt has these electric pads which are positioned in certain way that they cover the entire abdominal muscles. The stimulation helps is breaking down the fat below the skin and with just 30 minutes of daily use you can get a flat stomach in 2 – 3 months.

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