Are you lost for choice on what to wear for that upcoming corporate awards ceremony? Here are some fabulous tips that will have you sorted on all fronts; from choosing the perfect outfit to hair styling, makeup, and accessories.

The type of event
What to wear depends on the kind of event you are to attend. You should check the invitation card for any information regarding dressing for the ceremony as well as the activities of the day. For a cocktail event, then pick shoes that flirter but are comfy and offer ample support because you may be standing for a better part of the evening. For a formal sit down dinner, you will not spend much of the night seated so consider something sassy and shoes stand out.

Decoding the dress code
Some of the common dress codes that you may find on an even invitation include:

  • Cocktail: The women are expected to wear dresses whose length is just below or above the knee while men should clad suits but no restricted to blazers and ties.
  • Formal: The women have to wear full-length dresses and those that are a few inches below the knee. As for men, they are expected to wear a suit and tie.
  • Black Tie: Such a dress code is indicative of a very formal event. Men wear tuxedos and women were gowns or full-length dresses.

If you are lost on which outfit to wear, then stick to the outfit specified in the invitation.

Consider the industry
The industry in which the event is for can also dictate what to wear. If the ceremony is for creative awards, the dress code is often a bit relaxed and often is more of a conventional take to cocktail and formal evening wear. It is wise to stick to a formal dress code if you are attending an occasion meant for a financial firm or corporation.

What suits your shape
When picking what to wear, be it for a date or an important awards night, you should choose something that flirters your figure. If you have thin, broad shoulders, then avoid going for a dress with spaghetti straps. Pick what will have you feeling comfortable and confident in through the event.

For most people, black is a safe bet for most formal occasions. However, it is wise to mix things up by accessorize the overall look with a few brightly colored accessories and pick a pair of shoes that complement the outfit. A touch of bright yellow or hot pink is always fun. Also, work with silver or gold metallic accessories.

Expect the unexpected
Go prepared for some of the odd scenarios, such as that feeling of something stuck between your teeth, and you feel shy to check. For such situations, you need to have a few little essentials such as a compact and some lip gloss in your purse. Find the opportune time, such as when people are attentive during the handing out of the trophies ordered from Wilson Trophy, to whip out your compact and see how you look.

Overall, you should dress in an outfit that flirters your figure and makes you feel confidently fabulous even as you strive to adhere to the specified dress code for the event.